Appeal for rescuers to come forward following Sea Palling incident

Holidaymakers enjoy the warm weather at Sea Palling beach Picture : ANTONY KELLY

Sea Palling is a popular North Norfolk beach but does have rip currents - Credit: copyright ARCHANT 2017

A man who was involved in a desperate attempt to save a group from being swept out to sea by a rip current is appealing for the other rescuers to come forward.

Ian Horne, 55, from Norwich was walking along Sea Palling beach on Sunday, June 13 when he and his family became aware of a commotion in the water.

The construction worker initially thought it was "kids messing around" but quickly released the group were struggling against a rip current.

HM Bacton Coastguard rescue team covers Mundesley to Waxham and is located in Bacton. 

HM Bacton Coastguard rescue team covers Mundesley to Waxham and is located in Bacton. - Credit: HM Bacton Coastguard

Mr Horne, along with another woman and two kayakers entered the water while other members of Mr Horne's family stayed on the beach to phone the emergency services.

Mr Horne said: "It was like something out of Jaws. Quickly we realised the rip current was dragging them out to sea. I ran straight into the water as did the other lady and as a team, she went out further because she had a life jacket and I brought the people into shore.

Mr Horne said the Coastguard told those on the beach not to enter the water but "as a father" he could not just watch events unfold.

"I'm not a strong swimmer but as a lad, I used to surf and you learn about rip currents. Luckily it did end well but I appreciate it could have ended very badly for me and the other three rescuers," he said.

Ian Horne, on the beach at Sea Palling following the rescue on Sunday, June 13.

Ian Horne, on the beach at Sea Palling following the dramatic rescue on Sunday, June 13. - Credit: Horne Family

Mr Horne said following the incident, the group who were rescued had got in contact via social media and wanted to meet up to thank those who came to their aid.

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Now, Mr Horne is trying to track down the two kayakers and woman who helped rescue the group so they can also be thanked. 

Mr Horne said: "As it was a team effort it would only be right that the other four rescuers should be there at that meeting."

A spokesperson for the RNLI said: "Our advice to the public is always that if you see someone in trouble, please don’t enter the water, but call 999 and ask for the Coastguard first, encourage the person to float on their back and throw something that floats such as a life ring if you can."

Were you one of the rescuers who helped the people in the water at Sea Palling on Sunday, June 13? - If so email: