Man left 'in agony' after tripping over in supermarket car park

Anthony Stopford, who lives in Holt, had one of his front teeth knocked out in an accident at Fakenh

Anthony Stopford, who lives in Holt, had one of his front teeth knocked out in an accident at Fakenham Morrisons. - Credit: Supplied by Anthony Stopford

A man has told of the excruciating moment one of his front teeth snapped off when he tripped walking through a supermarket car park. 

Anthony Stopford, 68, is now hoping to claim compensation for the accident, which happened outside Morrisons in Clipbush Lane, Fakenham on May 7 last year.

Mr Stopford, who lives in Holt, said he fell to the ground after walking into a hand-operated pallet mover, which had been left on a pedestrian walkway.

He said: “When it got under my feet it pulled me to the ground, like a crocodile got under me.

“It had been left when it shouldn’t have been left. It was in the walkway, where I was supposed to be walking.”

Mr Stopford said he had also been dazed by the bright sun. He said his spectacles were smashed in the incident and needed to be replaced, and he suffered neck pain.

He said he was seen to by staff following the incident, but was not taken to hospital, but saw his GP the following day. 

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Mr Stopford said he was frustrated with Morrisons’ response to the incident, and said the pallet mover should never have been left in that spot.

“I know accidents happen but this is an absolute disgrace,” he said.

Mr Stopford said he had been unable to get his tooth fixed for months because dentistry services were limited because of the pandemic, and he was “in agony every day”.

But about two months ago he had an operation which would pave the way for having an implant put in later this year. 

Mr Stopford said the supermarket had recently paid £1,000 to his solicitors towards the claim. 

He said: “It has affected my speech as well. It really has had a dramatic effect on my life.”

He said combined with the £300 for replacing his glasses as well as legal fees, the cost, in any case, would run to thousands of pounds. 

When contacted by this newspaper about the incident, a Morrisons spokesperson said: "As this is a legal case, we are unable to comment."