Anglo-Saxon find at East Ruston declared treasure trove

A rare Anglo-Saxon gold object that was discovered in East Ruston, near North Walsham, was among the items found by metal detectorists in Norfolk that have been declared treasure trove at inquests.

The historic objects featured in hearings held before Norfolk coroner William Armstrong.

He read out a report by Erica Darch from the British Museum who dated the object to the mid-Anglo-Saxon period, between the 7th and 8th centuries.

The report said: 'The gold tongue-shaped front or back plate would be from a strap-end, buckle plate or a similar object, and dates from the mid-Anglo Saxon period.

'Whatever the precise history of the object it was clearly of very high status, as gold was relatively uncommon in that period. For it to be used as a strap-end on a back plate is remarkable in any date.'

Other finds were a Bronze Age hoard of 191 objects dating back to the period 2300BC to 700BC found near Attleborough, and a post medieval copper alloy gilded brooch found in Deopham near Wyymondham.

None of the detectorists who found the items attended the Norwich treasure inquests, but Mr Armstrong said they all had permission to be on the land where they found the items.

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The hearing was told the British Museum had confirmed the find qualified as treasure on account of its age and metal content.

Museums have first refusal on treasure and the finder may receive a reward.