Anger over problems with mobile signal in North Norfolk

Mobile users have expressed their anger after problems with signal meant they have been unable to use their phones over the Christmas period.

Problems have arisen again with the mobile signal in Sheringham. Mobile phone users in the town who were left without a mobile signal a couple of months ago following the removal of a mast ahead of Tesco development have said the same thing is happening again.

And the problem seems to be further afield this time with signal problems reported in other North Norfolk towns and villages including Cromer, East Runton and Bodham,

Mike Padfield from Sheringham said they had been having problems since the weekend before Christmas with mobile signal going on and off.

On the Vodafone website where problems can be reported and advice given by technicians, several users have posted about problems across North Norfolk with the mobile signal.

At the end of November it was reported that the mobile signal in Sheringham had been restored.

The problems began after a mast, serving Vodafone users in the area, was dismantled from the former fire station site on the Cromer Road during October to make way for the new Tesco store.

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A new base station has been built on land adjacent to St Andrews Close, and has replaced the coverage since the work was completed to link the new site into the network.

A spokesman for Vodafone said: 'We do seem to have had intermittent problems over Christmas. We have got our engineers out today . It seems to be a hardware problem and they are doing some replacement work.'