Coronavirus: Amazing support on offer in small Norfolk village

Cley parish council chairman Dr Victoria Holliday and vice-chairman Richard Allen during happier tim

Cley parish council chairman Dr Victoria Holliday and vice-chairman Richard Allen during happier times earlier this year on a working party. Picture: supplied by Gemma Harrison - Credit: Archant

A small north Norfolk village has been inundated with offers of support from residents keen to help out in the community.

Gemma Harrison, parish clerk for Cley-next-the-sea, said: “I have been totally blown away with the amount of support being offered to those vulnerable and at risk residents in the parish.

“We have 30 residents who have registered to help others in the community. We are conscious of Government advice about leaving home as little as possible, so have allocated our volunteers one day a week to be on call. In order to ensure as few trips are made as possible volunteers have been allocated different tasks to carry out.”

She said the council had been working closely with the Spar shop in Blakeney, which had been taking food orders delivered by its volunteers on a daily basis.

MORE: Coronavirus UK: Charity sets out its support for hospital staff and patientsShe added: “Other tasks include dropping off and picking up prescriptions, dog walking, making phone calls and generally just helping out and reassuring our elderly residents.

“The community genuinely love and care for one another and have rallied round to help and protect one another. My chairman, Dr Victoria Holliday has led the initiative along with fellow councillors Calum Meadows and vice-chairman Richard Allen.

“Soon my chairman will be returning to work for the NHS to help with the current crisis and so councillor Calum Meadows will take the lead.

“I would welcome the opportunity to thank Dr Holliday for everything she has done for Cley and wish her all the very best in returning to work, and to thank the hard-working volunteers, councillors, Rachel at the Spar and our lovely residents for making Cley such a wonderful place to work.“

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