Advent tree’s windows on Christmas

Cromer advent Christmas tree

Cromer advent Christmas tree - Credit: Archant

Running repairs are being made to Cromer's novelty advent Christmas tree after wind opened some of its windows prematurely.

A Cromer advent Christmas tree window opened early by the wind

A Cromer advent Christmas tree window opened early by the wind - Credit: Archant

The pyramid -shaped structure outside the parish church has 25 boxes set into it - each with a festive theme designed by local organisations.

One of the scenes in Cromer's advent tree.

One of the scenes in Cromer's advent tree. - Credit: Archant

But, just a couple of days in, several were already open to the elements after high winds ripped off the covers.

Jim Bond, one of the organisers, said the team aimed to repair the damage by the end of the day and put Perspex covers over the open windows to give more protection.

The 3D calendar is the third novelty Christmas tree in the churchyard, following a lobster and crab pot tree two years ago, and a fishing-net tree last year.

The first of the boxes on the 7m tall tree, a partridge in a pear tree designed by Cromer Ladies' Lifeboat Guild, was unveiled on Monday.

The back-lit boxes will all visible from people at ground level.

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The final box, decorated by Cromer Parish Church, will be opened after Christmas Eve's midnight service.

Other designs include a yellow helicopter denoting the East Anglian Air Ambulance, Christmas trees, Christmas cakes, Herod's Palace and stockings and presents.

Groups which have designed boxes include Cromer WI, About With Friends, Cromer In Bloom, Cromer Pier, Cromer Methodist Church and Cromer and District Foodbank.

Cromer switches on its Christmas lights on Saturday at 5.30pm. See pages 24 and 25 for more information.

For details of other festive events see The Guide.

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