A Norfolk woman who is severely vision-impaired with albinism is gearing up to swim the entire 5.25 miles of Coniston Water in the Lake District.

She aims to collect funds for two sight loss charities.

The distance alone makes for a challenging swim, but the chilly unpredictability of open water will mean additional hurdles.

Although an avid swimmer, Clare McCarthy is relatively inexperienced in open water swimming and will have a sighted guide through her rigorous endeavour.

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The route holds numerous obstacles and so measures to steer clear of reeds and obstructions have been strategised to complete the marathon-like feat.

She said: “I have always liked swimming, and being in a pool I am guided by the markings in the pool and the fact that after 25 metres you get to the end.

“I have tried out wild swimming at Ebridge a couple of times, and I have now worked out how my guide can help me stay on track and keep me out of the reeds and other obstructions.

“Swimming that kind of distance, especially in wild water, is akin to running a marathon, and it is a big challenge – but I am determined to do it.”

Vision Norfolk chief executive Andrew Morter commented, “I never fail to be amazed at what people living with sight loss can achieve, and Clare’s determination and commitment is a really good example of this.

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“This is a really big challenge, and we are especially grateful that she has chosen Vision Norfolk as one of the two charities she will be supporting with her efforts.”

The adventurous feat is set as part of an annual event that saw more than 1,200 participants last year.