A train station has installed newly designed signage to boost tourism and enhance accessibility.

Sheringham railway station, a popular travel destination on the Bittern Line, now features clearer, larger signs.

These include two major Welcome to Sheringham signs, and an extensive town map to guide visitors around nearby attractions.

Emphasis on accessibility is incorporated in the design of these signs catering to people with impaired vision and conditions such as dementia.

North Norfolk News: Bittern Line Community Rail Partnership unveils large print maps for accessibility Bittern Line Community Rail Partnership unveils large print maps for accessibility (Image: Bittern Line CRP)

The signs were unveiled on May 10 by representatives of multiple organisations.

Among them were David Pearce, chairman of Bittern Line Community Rail Partnership, Paul Raymond from Experience Sheringham, and Alan Neville from Greater Anglia, the train operator.

Not only do the signs help visitors navigate the town, but they also aim to establish Sheringham as a major tourist destination.

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The project received funding from various bodies, including the Bittern Line CRP, the Sheringham Chamber of Trade and Commerce, and the Sheringham Museum.

Liz Withington, vice chairwoman of the Bittern Line CRP, said: “The Sheringham Town map project was a collaborative community project to help build a destination brand for Sheringham and highlight the broad range of facilities we have to offer visitors in our vibrant town.

"Clear large signage at the right height can make a huge difference to help those who through their condition could become anxious or confused in managing journeys."

The Bittern Line Community Rail Partnership has been committed to upgrade station signage along the rail line to enhance both visitor experience and accessibility.

Alan Neville, community and customer engagement manager at Greater Anglia, said: “We are very grateful to the Bittern Line Community Rail Partnership for installing these signs.

“The new signage at Sheringham provides a wonderful welcome for visitors and helps highlight some of the great landmarks and attractions that can be found on the Bittern Line.”