A Norfolk brewer is preparing for an impressive 340km charity challenge.

David Holliday, the owner of Moon Gazer Ales in Hindringham, has committed to push a 75kg beer barrel over the distance in seven days.

The feat, aimed at fundraising for the local cancer charity It’s On The Ball, surpasses his previous endeavours, which included pushing a barrel 239km to London as well as completing seven marathons in seven days across Norfolk.

Mr Holliday said: “To date the beer push challenges have raised £42,000 for the Norfolk-based charity and raised lots of awareness among young men, literally saving lives, but we plan to push that total to £60,000 which will tie in nicely with my 60th birthday.”

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He further admitted that the past challenges have impacted his body, particularly his ankles, stating that he has to push himself even harder this time.

Staying Norwich-based for the entirety of this challenge, Mr Holliday will follow a route centred around key areas to engage better with the youth, the particular demographic he seeks to educate about testicular cancer.

He highlighted the tragic cases of young men in the region losing their lives due, simply, to late diagnosis.

He said: “The work of It’s on the Ball really helps to highlight that it is young men – aged 18 -24 – who are most likely to be affected, but by checking themselves monthly they can have a 96pc survival rate.

"However, late diagnosis can all too often be fatal as the cancer spreads very vigorously. “

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During the charity activity, he will engage with men, prompting conversations about the affliction and the importance of self-checking every month.

Encouraging widespread participation, The brewer would welcome company and cheers along the route.

The arduous challenge will commence in the first week of October, with specific routes to be announced later.