Duncan Baker MP has visited a Norfolk high school to find out how funding helped to launch its participation in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Sheringham High School joined the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in 2022.

The north Norfolk MP has visited the school to witness first-hand the impact that the scheme has had on pupils.

The school was able to start the award with funding from the Duke of Edinburgh’s organisation, which allowed them to purchase the necessary equipment.

North Norfolk News: There are currently 33 young people doing their Bronze level award, and 25 completing Silver level at the school There are currently 33 young people doing their Bronze level award, and 25 completing Silver level at the school (Image: Submitted)

Rebecca Shepherd, the school's Duke of Edinburgh’s Award manager, said: “Being able to offer our young people the chance to do the award has allowed us to discover what our students engage in outside of the classroom.

"I’m grateful to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for the funding which has made this possible in opening the door to these opportunities."

Now in its second year, the award programme has been received positively by the pupils.

Currently, 33 young individuals are working towards their Bronze award while 25 are aiming for Silver.

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Dawn Hollidge, senior deputy headteacher, said: "The scheme helps students to develop skills of resourcefulness and resilience which are transferable to their academic experiences and lead to increased engagement across the curriculum."

Mr Baker shared his own Duke of Edinburgh’s Award experiences and had lots of advice for those part way through awards.

He said: “I’m a huge advocate of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

"I loved every minute of doing it and have very fond memories that have stayed with me.

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"I think the school are doing a fantastic job of giving these young people a really unique experience and I wish all schools could make this available."

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award requires young people aged 14-24 to select activities that involve improving physical and skills activity, volunteering, and completing a demanding expedition.

In the year 2022-23, UK pupils started a record-breaking 323,676 awards, contributing 3.5 million hours of volunteering.