A young pup is looking for a loving home after being rescued from a shelter in Romania. 

Safe Rescue For Dogs is looking for a happy home for Salty who is currently being fostered in Norwich. 

Believed to be about a year old, Salty is finally in the UK after surviving "miracle" heart surgery and waiting for his forever family to find him. 

A spokeswoman for the charity said: "Salty was a dog that was due to travel to us last year from the Botosani shelter in Romania.

North Norfolk News: Salty is friendly and walks well on a leadSalty is friendly and walks well on a lead (Image: Safe Rescue For Dogs)

"When he was sent to the vets to be prepared for travel he almost died under anaesthetic during his castration.

"He was diagnosed with a heart condition and we paid for him to go to a specialist vet in Bucharest.

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"The vet said it was a miracle that Salty was alive.

"A valve in his heart pumped the blood the wrong way round his body and his heart had grown so large it filled his whole chest.

North Norfolk News: Salty is described as a playful and loving boySalty is described as a playful and loving boy (Image: Safe Rescue For Dogs)"The specialist had never seen such a severe case and most dogs diagnosed with his condition do not make it to adulthood.

"He was operated on and has had a brilliant recovery."

Salty is described as a playful and loving boy and does not show signs of his past health issues.

He has lived with both dogs and cats before in a foster home but will need an adult family.

Salty can be quite protective inside the home but out on walks he is very friendly and walks well on a lead. 

Anyone who would like to find out more about Salty should contact Safe Rescue For Dogs on 07788251197.