A museum named after one of Norfolk’s lifeboat heroes is set to close.

The RNLI Henry Blogg Museum in Cromer will close later this year after the lifeboat charity terminated its lease at the seafront Rocket House building due to a chronic damp problem. 

The building, which sits just above the beach at the end of Cromer's Esplanade, is less than 20 years old but requires substantial repairs due to its frame being heavily corroded.

The RNLI, which celebrated its 200th anniversary this year, has said water is entering the building, and the subsequent dampness has caused significant damage to its heritage collection. 

However, North Norfolk District Council, which owns the building, has said it is "confident" it can keep the RNLI museum in the town it has called home for almost six decades. 

North Norfolk News: RNLI Henry Blogg Museum in the Rocket House in Cromer RNLI Henry Blogg Museum in the Rocket House in Cromer (Image: Newsquest)

An RNLI spokesperson said: "The RNLI has made the difficult decision to serve a break notice to North Norfolk District Council, terminating the lease on the Henry Blogg Museum in Cromer six months from the date of the notice (January 18).

"The safety of our volunteers and staff is our number one priority and the building is taking in large amounts of water and has a damp problem, which surveys show are the result of problems with the building’s construction.

"There is insufficient drainage from the cliff face at the back of the building. This has caused water to flow into the building on a long-term basis, leading to damp.

"As well as the risks to those volunteering and working in the museum, the damp is causing significant damage to our heritage collection, and costing the charity through having to decorate and carry out repairs regularly."

The museum tells the history of saving lives at sea in Cromer, honouring the most decorated lifeboatman in the history of the RNLI, Henry Blogg.

Henry Blogg served on Cromer's lifeboats for 53 years, saving 873 alongside his crew before retiring in 1947. 

The RNLI has had a museum in Cromer since 1967.

North Norfolk News: The Rocket House in CromerThe Rocket House in Cromer (Image: Denise Bradley)

"We have been working to identify a new location because we remain committed to having our heritage collection in Cromer, given the significance of Henry Blogg to the town and the RNLI’s history," the RNLI statement continued.

"However, at this stage, no viable location has been identified.

"We cannot have our people working and volunteering in those conditions, with no timeline for repairs given, nor can we risk of the building’s problems continuing to damage our collection.

"It is not the best use of supporter and public donations to continue footing the costs of rectifying issues when the underlying cause is not being addressed.

"If anyone knows of a suitable local venue that might be appropriate to store and showcase our heritage items, please get in contact with us."

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Tim Adams, leader of North Norfolk District Council, said the council is set to meet with the RNLI next month to try to negotiate an extension of the charity's existing lease at the Rocket House. 

He said recent surveys of the building have given the council a clearer understanding of the work which needs to be carried out. 

"We want to reassure people that everything is being done to resolve the situation," Mr Adams said.

"We're meeting with the RNLI in April to discuss extending the lease. 

"We want them to stay and I’m confident there is a way forward.

"The RNLI are still dedicated to preserving the history of Cromer RNLI and keeping a presence in the town.

"Many families in Cromer have a very close connection to the RNLI, with family members both surviving and making generous donations to the museum. 

"We all want to see the museum stay in the town."