Wiveton residents are transforming a neglected plot of land into a vibrant community orchard.

The project is led by Wiveton Parish Council and volunteers from the local community, with the idea of transforming an underused plot into a beautiful green space.

The one-acre plot, owned by the parish council, had been informally used by residents for the past 50 years.

However, it had recently become overgrown and was, therefore, in need of regeneration.

North Norfolk News: The trees were planted in the orchard on February 3 The trees were planted in the orchard on February 3 (Image: Wiveton Parish Council)

Following a community consultation, a decision was made to develop the land into a space for all residents to enjoy.

Led by Wiveton Councillor Richard Petley and resident Steve Beal, a series of working days were set throughout January and February to restore the land.

The community rallied with people of all ages pitching in together to remove overgrown bushes, trim long grass, and clear rubbish.

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The parish council has also funded the purchase of 20 fruit trees, including local Norfolk apple varieties.

The team aimed not only to restore the land but also to preserve areas of brambles and existing hedgerows to support local birds and encourage insects.

The focus was on providing a wildlife-friendly approach to reforesting the plot and developing a space that could benefit the community as well as wildlife.

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The new orchard is expected to serve as a gathering place for community events, offer picturesque views of the Glaven valley, and provide a place where children can come together to play.

Councillor Petley said: “It’s been great to be involved in the transformation from underused land to a space which all the residents and wildlife can benefit. 

"Well done to everyone in the village and local community who contributed to this project, and who came out in force on the working days to make this happen.”