One of Norfolk's politicians is calling for a dedicated government minister for coastal areas.

Steffan Aquarone, the Liberal Democrats’ party prospective candidate for north Norfolk, has said a new minister for coastal communities could combat erosion, stop sewage spills and ease the housing crisis.

The rate of erosion along the Norfolk coast continues to threaten homes in villages like Happisburgh and Hemsby, and pollution from sewage spills has led to beaches at East Runton, Mundesley and Sea Palling to all lose their Blue Flags after a drop in water quality.

The rising number of second homes and holiday lets in coastal beauty spots like Wells and Brancaster – dubbed Airbnb-next-the-Sea and Chelsea-on-Sea – has also caused a housing crisis which is driving locals out.

North Norfolk News: Erosion at Happisburgh, in north NorfolkErosion at Happisburgh, in north Norfolk (Image: Mike Page)

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Mr Aquarone said: "I’ve seen firsthand just how much some families here are struggling.

“I know it’s even worse in other coastal areas. Seaside towns have their own problems, which is why I believe we need a dedicated minister for coastal communities.

"People are worried about drugs and the crime that goes with them, which is a major problem in some coastal towns.

“They worry about increased pollution from sewage in the sea, and the constant battle against erosion which we simply cannot ignore.

“They also worry about having somewhere to live. It’s essential that we ensure local people aren’t priced out of local homes.

“We need land and funding for affordable housing.”

North Norfolk News: Steffan Aquarone, the Liberal Democrats' party prospective candidate for north Norfolk, pictured at Cromer beach Steffan Aquarone, the Liberal Democrats' party prospective candidate for north Norfolk, pictured at Cromer beach (Image: Steffan Aquarone)

The Lib Dem party prospective candidate said if he was to become north Norfolk’s MP at the next election he would lobby the new government to create a minister for coastal communities.

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“Our seaside towns have been loved for generations, but we have to support them and the people within them,” Mr Aquarone said.

“A minister for coastal communities would be a specific post to help meet the growing demands and challenges that our seaside towns and villages face.”