A north Norfolk school where teachers help pupils to "realise their potential" has been praised by the education watchdog Ofsted. 

Cromer Junior School has been rated 'Good' by Ofsted after the school's most recent inspection in October last year.

"We were delighted with Ofsted’s recognition of our commitment to providing a great education, with high expectations and aspirations for all children," Whil De Neve, Cromer Junior School's headteacher, said. 

"Our friendly, inclusive ethos is reflected in the reports opening paragraph: ‘Pupils look forward to coming to school. They receive smiles and warmth from the adults, who look forward to teaching them.

'Pupils feel known, cared for and valued. This is because staff aim to help all pupils to realise their potential, even when there are barriers and challenges that might stand in the way'."

North Norfolk News: Cromer Junior School headtecher Whil de NeveCromer Junior School headtecher Whil de Neve (Image: Karen Bethell)

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The report credited the school for its new curriculum, which "gives pupils a deeper understanding and opens up more opportunities to be successful in life". 

The report continues: "The curriculum now sets out, in detail, the knowledge, vocabulary and skills pupils will learn.

"Teachers use a wide range of resources to help pupils. The new curriculum has improved the way that pupils write and talk about what they have learned.

"Lessons are calm. Pupils emulate the kindness shown to them by the adults. Staff give extra support to pupils who find getting into learning mode tricky. Pupils receive praise for working hard and making good choices."

The school, which is part of Synergy Multi-Academy Trust, was also praised for the range of extracurricular activities on offer to students. 

"Pupils appreciate the clubs for craft, music, sport and cooking," the report said. 

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"There are many memorable trips for pupils to attend. The new ‘aspiration partners’ project helps pupils to explore their own interests.

"Pupils take part in various fundraising activities. They take on a range of responsibilities such as being part of the school council or the eco-club. These help pupils develop their personal skills." 

One area the school could improve is "in some parts of the school, some pupils’ behaviour is not as polite and respectful as it could be because routines and expectations are not consistently upheld by all staff".