A woman has celebrated her 100th birthday at a Sheringham care home.

Doris Pegg had lived at Spink Cottage in Upper Sheringham all her life until moving into Whitehaven Residential Care Home.

She shared an inseparable bond with her father and found joy in dancing with her sister Molly during the carefree days of her youth.

At the age of 17, driven by a sense of duty, she enlisted in the Royal Air Force during the tumultuous times of the Second World War.

Reflecting on her service, Doris recalled enduring bitter winters in the Scottish landscapes.

Post-war, Doris worked in retail and as a pharmacy assistant until her well-deserved retirement.

A devout member of St Peter’s church congregation, her faith has been a guiding force throughout her life.

For the past seven years, Doris has lived at Whitehaven Residential Care Home and she continues to find joy in life's simple pleasures, delighting in watching television and revelling in bygone days music.

Doris's birthday celebrations saw her visited by town mayor Peter Ratcliffe and the vicar of St Peter’s, Rev Christian Heycocks.

The birthday celebrations were hosted by Raj and Hemi Bharj of Whitehaven Residential Care Home.

Adding a royal touch to the festivities, a birthday card arrived from King Charles III and Queen Camilla, extending their warm wishes.

Raj Bhari said: "Doris Pegg's centenary is not just a celebration of her remarkable longevity but a tribute to a life richly lived.

"Her journey, woven with threads of love, sacrifice, and resilience, stands as an inspiration to us all. Happy 100th birthday, Doris.

"May your days continue to be filled with joy, surrounded by the love of community and the echoes of a century's worth of memories."