A former teacher at a Norfolk private school has been banned from the profession for life following allegations about his behaviour towards a girl when he was a Scout leader.

The Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) panel hearing focused on accusations made against Thomas Hadley - who taught design and technology at  Gresham's Preparatory School in Holt - when he was giving shooting lessons as a Scout leader.

A girl he was instructing , who was under the age of 18, told the panel he made inappropriate comments about her figure and the size of her breasts while they were alone in a shooting clubhouse in or around 2015 or 2016.

The panel heard how, in a statement to police, she alleged Mr Hadley edged close to her on a sofa and groped her breasts.

She said he then brushed his hand up her back, as if to undo her bra, before she defused the situation by saying "let's go and shoot again".

North Norfolk News: Thomas HadleyThomas Hadley (Image: Facebook)

The panel also heard when Mr Hadley, 31, picked up the girl to drive her to shooting lessons, he talked about his personal and sexual relationships with other women, which made her "uncomfortable".

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The panel heard Norfolk Constabulary arrested Mr Hadley on suspicion of sexual assault on Valentine's Day in 2019.

The threshold for prosecution was not judged to have been met and the matter went no further. However, a school investigation continued.

In October 2019, Mr Hadley quit the Gresham's job he had been in since 2016, with the matter referred to the TRA.

North Norfolk News: Gresham's Preparatory SchoolGresham's Preparatory School (Image: Newsquest)

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Mr Hadley denied the allegations but did not appear at the hearing, or have legal representation.

He wrote to the panel: "I have left the profession and the affect [sic] this process has had is not worth the chance of clearing my name of these lies.

"I am just wanting to see the end of this traumatic experience and be able to move on with my life… As such I do not wish to be contacted about this topic again."

He also said: "There seems to have been a small group within Norfolk scouts who were determined to see me removed from teaching and scouting."

The panel found the allegations proven and that they were "sexually motivated".

A number of other allegations were not proven. The girl was not a pupil of Mr Hadley's at Gresham's.

Mr Hadley was banned from teaching for life for breach of standards expected of teachers.