A teenager who died suddenly earlier this year has had his ashes scattered in space.

Luke Nicholas, from North Walsham, suffered from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) in April, aged just 16.

Luke, who was a student at Paston College, has had his ashes launched more than 100,000 feet above Earth in a ‘memorial launch’ where they are scattered in space.

North Norfolk News: The ashes of Luke Nicholas, 16, from North Walsham, have been scattered in spaceThe ashes of Luke Nicholas, 16, from North Walsham, have been scattered in space (Image: Supplied)

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His father, Ed Nicholas, said: "Luke was always very inquisitive and his need for answers led to a want to explore.

“The places that he and I planned to go had been exotic but, with his life cut so tragically short, we never got round to going.

“Knowing Luke's love of astronomy and travel, I knew instantly that this was right for him.”

The special service is offered by the firm Aura Flights, which has partnered with Cromer Crematorium.

North Norfolk News: Luke Nicholas' ashes in spaceLuke Nicholas' ashes in space (Image: Supplied)

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Ashes are transported underneath a space-capable biodegradable balloon filled with renewable hydrogen gas. While the balloon returns to Earth after several hours in space, the ashes can orbit the globe for three to six months before re-entering the atmosphere.

The moment the ashes are scattered is filmed by cameras onboard the vessel to create a memorial video.

Mr Nicholas said: "When I first saw the video, I was instantly brought to tears - it's everything I could have hoped for and more."

“Everyone that has seen it has loved it. I like to think that Luke would have chosen this way of having his ashes scattered too."

It is claimed the ashes will then 'seed the formation of clouds and fall back to Earth as raindrops and snowflakes all over the world'.

North Norfolk News: Luke Nicholas' ashesLuke Nicholas' ashes (Image: Supplied)

Paston College has set up a fundraiser, which has raised almost £600, to build a memorial bench in Luke’s name.

Any extra funds will be donated to SUDEP Action - a charity supporting those affected by a sudden epilepsy-related death.

There are around 600 cases of SUDEP every year in the UK.