A man has threatened to take a parking company to court after being slapped with a charge for temporarily stopping outside of a care home to tend to his mother on her 96th birthday.

Howard White, 58, pulled up outside Faldonside Lodge Residential Care Home, in Cliff Avenue, Cromer, to drop off his partner – who had recently undergone a spine operation – as well as a cake and bouquet of flowers for his 96-year-old mum Nellie White’s special day.

North Norfolk News: Nellie White with her cake on her 96th birthdayNellie White with her cake on her 96th birthday (Image: Howard White)

However, an upsetting “dampener” would soon be put on the day.

Nellie, who suffers from advanced dementia, suddenly became distressed, and Mr White left the car parked on double yellow lines outside of the home for a matter of minutes to comfort her.

Upon his return, a parking warden was stood over the car, who he said bluntly told him there is strictly no waiting on double yellow lines at any time.

Despite explaining what had happened, Mr White said the warden printed a £70 ticket and told him his only option was to appeal the charge.

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“I was only there for a couple of minutes,” Mr White said. “I was just asking for some compassion given the circumstances.

“He said he had been watching for five minutes. He pushed the button to print the ticket right in front me and put it on my car.

“What was I supposed to put first: parking my car or my 96-year-old mother?”

North Norfolk News: Howard White, 58, from Cromer, and his mum, Nellie White, 96Howard White, 58, from Cromer, and his mum, Nellie White, 96 (Image: Howard White)

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Mr White appealed to Parking Charges who upheld the penalty, saying the charge was “correctly issued”.

A letter to Mr White from J Grange, a notice processor for Parking Charges, said: “Whilst I can appreciate the circumstances of the day, after taking your partner into the home you should have removed your vehicle and then returned to your other business when a suitable parking area was found without restrictions.”

Mr White said referring to the care of his elderly mother as his “other business” was “offensive”.

“I will probably take this to court,” he said.