The leader of a group who caused outrage at Sheringham's 1940s weekend by dressing up as the SS has been photographed performing a Nazi salute near Adolf Hitler's summer retreat in the Bavarian Alps.

Jim Keeling, 53, shared the images, as well as anti-Semitic tropes, on a now-deleted social media account.

He told this newspaper that he had been mocking the Nazi dictator by saluting and does not share his views.

Mr Keeling's re-enactment group, Eastern Front Living History, were asked to leave Sheringham's Second World War-themed festival at the weekend.

Angry locals confronted the men - who were wearing Waffen SS uniforms with swastikas and death's head badges - after they reportedly goose-stepped along the high street and performed straight-armed salutes.

North Norfolk News: Jim Keeling dressed as SS officer at Sheringham 1940s festivalJim Keeling dressed as SS officer at Sheringham 1940s festival (Image: Submitted)

North Norfolk News: Jim Keeling at the Berghof in GermanyJim Keeling at the Berghof in Germany (Image: supplied)

Event marshals and police stepped in and escorted the men out of the town to their campsite for their own safety.

Mr Keeling, a diving instructor and father-of-four from Great Yarmouth, defended his appearance in the photographs at the Berghof, Adolf Hitler's home in the Obersalzberg of the Alps, near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria.

The site is now a seasonal restaurant.

He said he had a right to mock Hitler - by performing the salute at his former home - because his own father had fought the Nazis in the war and had been wounded.

"My dad fought against him [Hitler] and I think if anyone has the right to take the mickey out of his mickey mouse stance and his silly little moustache... I lost my dad. Up until my father died he was picking shrapnel out. I believe I've got the right to take the mickey out of the silly little Austrian artist."

North Norfolk News: Group dressed as SS soldiers at Sheringham 1940s festival Group dressed as SS soldiers at Sheringham 1940s festival (Image: Submitted)

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Giving the Nazi salute in Germany is illegal and punishable with a six-month prison sentence.

Mr Keeling said he had visited the Berghof on holiday.

In June this year, he and friends posted a series of photos on Facebook of their trip there, as well as Nuremberg - where the Nazis staged rallies.

Separately, Mr Keeling shared an anti-Semitic cartoon on his Instagram earlier this year, showing a stereotypical Jewish figure wearing a yarmulke skullcap, stuffing Africa into an EU-emblazoned funnel to squeeze it into Europe. He has been asked to comment on the image.

Relatives of Mr Keeling's, as well as fellow Second World War re-enactors, are said to be "disgusted" by his actions.

"I don’t know what’s got into his head," one relative told MailOnline. "His father who served in the Royal Navy in the Second World War would turn in his grave to see him dressing as a Nazi and doing their salutes."

His father Cedric ‘Lofty’ Keeling, who died in 1996, aged 72, was a Royal Navy Commando, also known as RN Beachhead Commandos, who established, maintained and controlled beachheads during amphibious operations such as the Normandy landings. They were disbanded at the end of the war.

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North Norfolk News: Adolf Hitler with his partner Eva Braun at BerghofAdolf Hitler with his partner Eva Braun at Berghof (Image: Wikipedia)

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Mr Keeling said he believed his father's war service entitled him to dress as a Nazi and perform salutes.

"He was badly wounded in Normandy, very badly wounded and spent a lot of time in hospital. So if you know your history the commandos weren’t treated well if they were captured they were executed," he said.

"For somebody to use the N – ism word is the worst slur anyone can say to me because my family suffered at the hands of those.

"That’s why I would never have any interest in that. I’ve always said no politics, none of your rubbish, yeah we all take the mickey out of the silly little Austrian artist, and we do take the mickey."

The Eastern Front Living History group claims their appearance at the Sheringham 1940s weekend was misunderstood.

They say they "do not tolerate any politics or any form of religious persecution", that they were trying to educate people about history and that their presence was appreciated by many in the town.

The group re-enact the 5th SS Division Wiking (Viking), which was recruited from countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

It was led by German officers and fought the Soviet Red Army on the Eastern Front. The unit has also been accused of war crimes against Jews.

Mr Keeling, who has previously been a director of his own scuba diving firm, has been diving for more than 20 years.

One of his favourite spots for diving was off Sea Palling, on the 'E-Boat alley', an area containing the wrecks of several ships sunk by German E-Boats during the Second World War.