A north Norfolk man is aiming to ride 80 miles in a single day to support families in need. 

Peter Grey hopes to raise £5,000 by cycling around Holkham Estate for the charity Creative Support for Vulnerable Families and Children.

Mr Grey said: “It will be uncomfortable, painful, and mentally challenging, however, what I will feel will be nothing in comparison to the heartache, pain and difficulties faced by many families. 

“These families have experienced or are experiencing mental health traumas, which could be through special needs children, abuse, fractured families, neurodiversity, gender dysphoria, lack of self-esteem, isolation and includes the impact of grief through loss and physical trauma.”

Mr Grey said the charity aimed to support those who have had other avenues closed to them, or who had been failed by the system.

He said: “They aim to reach those most in need before they hit breaking point, by offering therapy services, emergency crisis support and hope.”

Mr Grey is planning to undertake the ride on October 1. 

To find out more or to contribute, visit www.gofundme.com/f/peters-80-miles-charity-cycle