The number of venues in North Norfolk with low food hygiene ratings was queried at this month’s full North Norfolk District Council meeting. 

Councillor Jill Boyle asked if a premises could stay open with a zero rating, and if there was a requirement for them to improve.

She said: “There appears to be a number of low environmental health scores given the number of visitors we have.” 

NNDC’s portfolio holder for IT, environmental and waste services, councillor Callum Ringer, said North Norfolk had a “very good” record with food hygiene certificates.

North Norfolk News: NNDC councillor Jill BoyleNNDC councillor Jill Boyle (Image: NNDC)

“Obviously, it's disappointing that we've identified a small number that are not scoring very highly," he said.

“A premises which is rated zero can be closed down by environmental health officers, but that's not to say that would happen in every circumstance. There is always an emphasis on trying to get premises to improve.”

Ms Boyle said after the meeting she was not concerned about the number of low ratings in North Norfolk.

She said: “If it was anything untoward, they would not be allowed to continue”.

Of the 1,716 food hygiene ratings listed on NNDC’s website, three are rated 0 out of five, meaning there is ‘urgent improvement necessary’, and seven are rated one out of five, meaning ‘major improvement necessary’.