Plans to repair a run-down seaside bowls club have been delayed. 

North Norfolk District Council’s (NNDC) cabinet had been asked to approve a plan to demolish and rebuild part of the Marrams Bowls Club in Cromer.  

The Runton Road building, which sits on a cliff overlooking the promenade, is owned by the council.

It has become rundown over the years, with NNDC officials saying it requires “major capital expenditure”. 

NNDC's cabinet was presented with a £400,000 plan to refurbish the clubhouse and provide three other business units.

While councillors supported the redevelopment, fears were raised that officials had not fully investigated all the options for the site.

A council officer said the proposal that was presented to the cabinet was one they felt was a “viable proposition”.

Tim Adams said it was a historic site, with a club on there for almost 100 years, and the issue did not have an easy solution.  

North Norfolk News: Tim AdamsTim Adams (Image: Archant)

He said: “It’s been a known issue for a while, it’s time we found a way of dealing with it one way or another.” 

However, he pointed out that it was close to the Runton Road car park, which has thousands of people using it every day and NNDC should try to capture that footfall. 

Liz Withington, cabinet member for community and leisure, said it was one of NNDC's most significant assets and it "needed greater investigation".

She added: “But I wouldn’t want the community and in particular the bowls club, to feel that by doing this we are reducing our concern for their interests.

"I think it’s about making sure this is right for everybody.” 

The plan was deferred until the next meeting so the cabinet could get more information on planning constraints and what opportunities are available for the site.