The opening of new banking hubs could be the answer to the wave of bank closures which have left some north Norfolk town’s with only one branch.

Earlier this month, Lloyds announced it would be closing bank branches in Cromer and North Walsham later in the year.

Banking hubs offer counter services as well as face-to-face assistance, with staff from different banks being available on different days of the week.

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North Norfolk News: Lloyds has announced it will be closing branches in north NorfolkLloyds has announced it will be closing branches in north Norfolk (Image: PA)

There are currently only six hubs across the UK, and North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker is calling for more of the hubs to replace the region’s closing branches.

“Since 1988, we have seen some 14,000 bank branches shut across the UK and there are approximately only 6,000 left today,” Mr Baker said, speaking in parliament this week.

“What is even more worrying is the acceleration at which these are being shut.”

He said 54 branches close every month in the UK.

The announced Lloyds branch closures are set to leave 8,000 people in Cromer and 13,000 in North Walsham with only one branch in their towns.

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North Norfolk News: North Norfolk MP Duncan BakerNorth Norfolk MP Duncan Baker (Image: Stuart Anderson)

Steffan Aquarone, the Liberal Democrats’ prospective parliamentary candidate for north Norfolk, has also welcomed the prospect of bringing banking hubs to the region.

“The banks are leaving town which is cause for concern as we’re losing more rural services,” he said.

“We’re in danger of being left behind, so it’s about looking ahead at what we can do.

“We need to take proactive action to get on the front foot before communities are left without banks and cash services.

“Vibrant communities need a range of services and banking hubs will work better for everyone.”

North Norfolk News: Steffan AquaroneSteffan Aquarone (Image: Supplied)

Mr Baker has said the only way to be eligible to open a banking hub is when the last bank in a town closes.

However, Mr Aquarone has said the Lib Dems have requested a review of cash services in communities via Link – the UK’s cash machine network – which will take steps towards opening banking hubs by establishing what services are currently available and assessing whether people’s needs are being met.