A singer who was banned from north Norfolk car boot sales has started up her own vintage jewellery and accessories shop.

Ali Batts, a singer who used to be in a blues band in Northern Ireland, was banned from several car boot sales in north Norfolk in 2018.

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“I was trying to sell a guitar,” Mrs Batts, who lives with her husband Andrew in Cromer, recalled.

“When I got bored, I started to sing and play the guitar.”

She was banned from the car boot sale after complaints from a woman - a ban which was later enforced by several other car boot sites across the region.

“People don’t like people who do different things,” she said.

“In life, if it doesn’t hurt anyone, I’ll do it.”

She said the ban made her and husband “reassess” visiting car boots. Instead, the couple bought a gazebo to attend markets.

They have now opened their own jewellery and accessories shop - Bee-jewelled - in Cromer's New Parade. 

"We're doing our best, even though it's tough for every business at the moment," she said. 

"We need to keep small local businesses alive - they're so important and they will be gone forever if we don't."