New drone footage shot by a Norfolk videographer shows how an iconic golf ball-shaped radar station was dismantled.

The distinctive radar station in the north Norfolk village Trimingham has been removed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) due to fears over coastal erosion and signal interference from offshore wind farms.

A replacement facility has already been built eight miles from the coast at RAF Neatishead, near Hoveton – the site of a former major radar base.

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North Norfolk News:

Videographer Paul Glenn, who captured the stunning aerial footage using a drone, said the coastal landmark “will be missed by a lot of local people”.

“I’m already missing it,” Mr Glenn said.

“I’m constantly going through Trimingham and it’s always been a landmark.

North Norfolk News:

“Whenever I saw the ball it was always a sign that I was almost home.

"Every time I’m driving home now I get to the brow of the hill coming into Trimingham and all I see is sky.

“It was different and not something you would see every day. I’m surprised how quickly it came down.”

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North Norfolk News:

The video starts with evening shots of the radar station ahead of work commencing, before cutting to footage showing the early stages of the removal of the structure.

Later, the video - posted on the Labyrinth Mini Movies YouTube channel - shows the latter stages of the project, with only the foundations of the station remaining.

North Norfolk News:

Mr Glenn turned his “passion” for videography into a career when he created Labyrinth Mini Movies four years ago, having previously owned a business consultancy company.

He moved to Norfolk from Lincolnshire two years ago.

Mr Glenn added: “When [the radar station] was taken away, I posted the drone footage and stills on our Facebook page and it did really well, as people were interested in following liking and commenting,” he added.

“I believe it will be missed by a lot of people.”

North Norfolk News: