The quintessentially British charm of the Cromer Pier Show has been making waves around Germany thanks to a new documentary.

Called Seaside Special, the film delves behind the scenes of the world’s only end-of-pier variety show, set amid a backdrop of the Brexit negotiations of 2019 and the social tensions it created.

Olly Day, who has hosted the show’s Christmas version for the past 13 years, has just travelled to Munich for a special screening of the film, answering audience questions and even performing a few magic tricks.

North Norfolk News: Richard Leeds, from Cromer, being interviewed during the filming of Seaside Special.Richard Leeds, from Cromer, being interviewed during the filming of Seaside Special. (Image: Jens Maurer)

Mr Day, from Thorpe St Andrew, said: “It was amazing. They treated me like a star. I think we’re going to have a lot of people come over to Cromer now because they’ve seen it.”

Mr Day also made a quick visit to the Bavarian Alps before returning to Norfolk.

Jens Maurer, Seaside Special’s director, said he was thrilled the film was getting such a good reception in his home country.

Mr Maurer said of the Munich screening: “There was a hugely warm atmosphere. 
“Once again people enjoyed that the film offered a ‘loving’ reconnection with Britain. There was also a lot of laughter, and an animated conversation about what now after Brexit? 

“Several people said they're already planning trips to Norfolk and Cromer this summer. 
“Three lucky winners received double tickets to the pier show, courtesy of the Pavilion Theatre.”

Germany’s national media has also been reporting on the film’s success. Earlier in January a crew from ZDF - the country’s most-watched channel - travelled to Wells-next-the-Sea to cover a screening of the film there. 

The documentary - a joint German-Belgian production - was made on traditional chemical film, and includes interviews with locals such as Cromer fisherman John Lee.

North Norfolk News: Olly Day also visited the Alps on his visit to southern Germany.Olly Day also visited the Alps on his visit to southern Germany. (Image: Supplied)

Mr Meurer said: “John Lee is particularly popular with German audiences, although they probably do not agree with his political views - but they respect and maybe understand them. 

“People are enjoying the Britishness, they are enjoying the discovery of Norfolk and an unknown place such as Cromer with its pier and show. 

“For a German or Belgian audience to really enjoy something so British is a bit of a relief from everything being ‘politically charged’.  

“The film is a reminder that we remain neighbours and friends whatever happened politically.”