Siofra is a founder member of Weird Norfolk and has recently founded the Norfolk Folklore Society, a group which explores folklore, oddities, magic and the paranormal in the county. Regular events with guest speakers are held in Norwich. Siofra also works with Shuck Zine, a publication all about the stranger side of Norfolk which is illustrated by Matt Willis and written by (actual) ghost writer Ada Nemesis. She lives in Norwich with husband Pete, dog Peanut and chinchillas Princess Yue and Quasar.


I should probably say my wedding or something like that, but one of my favourite Norfolk memories is the day I met the Ickeny for the first time. The Ickeny is a Norwich Pagan Moots 'Oss. He is similar to the Welsh Mari Lwyd and is made from a horse's skull mounted on a pole and covered with a sheet. He walks around events causing general mischief and attend rituals. I was honoured to lead the Ickeny at Norwich Pagan Moot's Brocante (which is being held tomorrow at the Silver Road Community Centre in Norwich from a couple of years ago.

I love the Stockton Stone. It's a glacial erratic on the outskirts of Stockton and it's said that anyone who tries to move will be cursed. I guess most people pass it all the time without even realising it's there. But I always shout "Stockton Stone!" whenever I drive past. I remember the first time I actually stopped off to see it with Stacia. We were travelling back to Norwich form Lowestoft and it was pitch black. Stacia pulled into the layby where it sits, and I leapt out and ran through stinging nettles to see it. It was worth it though!

Attraction/day out
Norwich Castle Museum is one of my favourite attractions. It's full of unusual exhibits - my favourites include Sir John Heydon's severed and mummified hand, Bellarmine bottles (also known as witch bottles), mourning jewellery made from hair and death masks. I can't wait for it to reopen fully!


It's not technically a pub, but my favourite bar is Arboretum on St Benedicts Street in Norwich. It's just so atmospheric, has some of the best cocktails in the city and there are dogs, lots of dogs. I also host a monthly talk there for the Norfolk Folklore Society.

Place to eat
If my husband and I are really looking to treat ourselves we head to Shiki on Tombland in Norwich.

It has to be Mundesley for me. I've watched many a sunrise there.

Abstract Sprocket on St Benedicts Street, Norwich. I've been going there nearly every Saturday to pick up comics for over 20 years.

I may be biased, but I'm going to say my favourite export is Shuck Zine. I work on this little publication with illustrator extraordinaire Matt Willis and ghost writer (she's literally a ghost) Ada Nemesis. I'm so proud of what we do and the fact that we send copies of the zine all over the country and the world. There has been a recent resurgence in interest in folklore, witchcraft and traditions and I'm extremely proud to be part of a talented team who are shining (the Lantern Man's) light on Norfolk.

I enjoy a wander around Rosary Cemetery in Norwich. It's such a beautiful, magical place, especially in the spring when you get snowdrops, then primroses and then bluebells. There is also lots of wildlife to look out for.