Three Norfolk friends are hoping their video submission to the BMC Women in Adventure film competition will raise awareness for the county.

Norwich-based Dan Johnson, 30, and Ciaran O'Neill, 27, and Bridy Parsons, 25, from Dereham created a six-minute film titled Solitude – their first ever - using 'very minimal' equipment.

'We don't have big fancy camera equipment or qualifications in filming, only a passion for storytelling and gadgets!' Mr Johnson said. 'The film itself was actually shot using an iPhone 7 Plus'.

The film features Miss Parsons doing yoga on a deserted Wells-next-the-Sea Beach, and the filmmakers said they were keen to use the film to showcase Norfolk's beauty.

'Norfolk has so much to offer and we wanted to highlight that,' Mr Johnson said. 'We also wanted to raise awareness of how accessible our county is for anyone to explore themselves, and to inspire them to do something a little different.'

The film competition is designed to boost the profile of women who take part in outdoor and mountain activities and encourage more females to get active outdoors and celebrate their achievements.

Mr Johnson said that he and his friends hope their film 'furthers the message for others to step outside of their comfort zones', adding: 'If it means more people exploring Norfolk then that's a great bonus!'

The winners of the competition, who will be announced in March, receive £600 to fund their next adventure and will also have their entry screened at several outdoor film festivals.

'If we were to win it would just be a fantastic story for us to share with friends and family and hopefully, it would also help to inspire women or men to take up an adventure they always wanted to do,' he said.

'We also want to inspire young upcoming don't need the world's best equipment to make something meaningful and powerful.'