A bid to erect an 18-metre tall 5G phone mast in a north Norfolk village has received staunch opposition from the community which has labelled the proposed structure a "horrific eyesore."

Villagers living in Overstrand have complained the mast would be "a blot on the landscape" and "completely out of keeping with this historic rural community."

The Belfry Centre for Music and Arts in the village has also warned it would have to close down if the mast is built.

North Norfolk News: A sign protesting a proposed 5G mast in Overstrand pinned to a telegraph pole outside the Belfrey Centre and primary school.A sign protesting a proposed 5G mast in Overstrand pinned to a telegraph pole outside the Belfrey Centre and primary school. (Image: Mike Goldwater)

The application, which has been submitted by WHP Telecoms Ltd, will be discussed at an Overstrand parish council meeting tonight, Thursday, July 15.

If successful it will see an 18m - or 60ft - 5G mast installed on Cromer Road at its junction with Pauls Road.

The monopole would be used by the Three network and would stand around 6m tall above the surrounding tree line.

The application states the location of the mast has been chosen so as to "not impede pedestrian flow or the safety of passing motorists" and benefits from screening "provided by tall, mature trees."

It also adds "This equipment is considered unlikely to have any material impact on the local area but significant connectivity improvements which is a material consideration in the judgment of the site’s suitability."

North Norfolk News: Signs protesting a proposed 5G mast in OverstrandSigns protesting a proposed 5G mast in Overstrand (Image: Mike Goldwater)

But people living in the village disagree, with several submitting formal objections to the proposal.

One resident living in Pauls Lane: "A 60ft pole is going to be such an eyesore in our beautiful village. Why does it have to go in such a prominent position on the main road, could it not go somewhere not so prominent? It is right outside the school."

Another living in Highfield Road said: "Overstrand is a beautiful coastal village much of it designated as a conservation area. The proposed site is on the boundary of a conservation area. This will have a significant negative impact on the areas natural beauty."

Others have also raised concerns the mast would negatively impact the value of property in the village, that they had not been properly notified of the proposals and that it will obstruct the nearby junction.

The meeting will be held from 7.30pm.