Could Banksy have been at work in Cromer?

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An artwork done in the mysterious street artist's style has appeared in the north Norfolk town.

Sue Edwards, from Holt, spotted the stencilled painting, which is near the beach huts at the east end of the town.

Mrs Edwards said: "I didn't really take much notice of it at first and then I looked at it more closely and thought 'that's interesting'.

"Knowing there had been possible Banksy visits further around the coast I thought maybe he was working his way around."

The artwork depicts a crab with a shell on its back holding a sign saying 'Luxury Rentals Only' facing a trio of crabs without shells.

Several works which are thought to have been by Banksy have appeared in coastal locations in East Norfolk over the past week.

These have included a couple dancing on top of a bus stop on Admiralty Road in Great Yarmouth.

%image(14432087, type="article-full", alt="Three of the four "Banksys" spotted in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Lowestoft and Oulton Broad on Friday.")

There is also a painting of children playing in a boat at Nicholas Everitt Park in Oulton Broad, which appears to have been fashioned out of a piece of scrap metal.

Another stenciled painting in London Road North in Great Yarmouth shows a young child playing in a sandpit, which was first spotted with a real castle next to the child's spade.

%image(14432088, type="article-full", alt="This work, also in the style of Banksy, was discovered on Gorleston seafront.")

An artwork at a park bench on Gorleston seafront shows a grabber claw from the popular arcade game, which someone can sit beneath.

Mrs Edwards said she thought the Cromer artwork could well be by Banksy because, while it appeared lighthearted on the surface, it carried a deeper message about society which has become the artists' hallmark.

%image(14430692, type="article-full", alt="Street art which has appeared on a wall in Nicholas Everitt Park, Lowestoft, which is believed to be a new work by street artist Banksy.")

She said: "It's quite funny but there's a political message in there as well. Property prices are absolutely going through the roof in north Norfolk, and there are issues around the number of second homes and the affordability of housing for locals."

It has not yet been confirmed if any of the artworks are actually by Banksy, whose true identity is unknown.