We're featuring people from our community in a series of Q&As. This week, we speak to Emma Spagnola, 47, from Cromer.

How would you best describe your job or role in the community?

I would say I am an advocate for disabled people and responsible for giving them the opportunity to enjoy North Norfolk.

North Norfolk News: Emma Spagnola, an advocate for people with disabilities, taking part the parade at the Cromer Carnival.Emma Spagnola, an advocate for people with disabilities, taking part the parade at the Cromer Carnival. (Image: Archant)

How long have you lived in Cromer?

I have lived in Cromer for 10 years but, previously in East Runton for 37 years where my family goes back 10 generations.

What would you do if you were mayor for a day?

I don't think I could get everything I would like done in a day so it would have to be something like free chocolate for the townspeople for the day.

What is your favourite landmark in north Norfolk?

My favourite Norfolk landmark would have to Incleborough Hill. I spent many summer holidays with childhood friends making camps, having tomato sauce sandwich picnics and avoiding adders.

And now I appreciate the view, it is just beautiful.

What is your favourite pub?

I very rarely go to a pub, but when I do it is normally the Red Lion in Cromer, I just love the view of the pier from there.

North Norfolk News: The Red Lion pub in Cromer.The Red Lion pub in Cromer. (Image: Archant Norfolk 2015)

Which shops do you rely on?

Lizzies Fruit and Veg, Butchers Joint and Dudley's in Cromer and for a treat I head to Picnic Fayre at Cley.

What is your favourite place to eat out?

Bann Thai in Cromer, they have delicious food and wonderful service. We are so lucky to have some amazing cafes, restaurants and takeaways in Cromer.

North Norfolk News: Belle and Kim Steggles at their restaurant, Bann Thai in Cromer.Belle and Kim Steggles at their restaurant, Bann Thai in Cromer. (Image: Archant)

Which local places would you recommend to visitors?

I would recommend visitors head to Incleborough Hill for the amazing view and then take in our wonderful coast. It is so beautiful and diverse the whole year round.

Or you really cannot beat a spot of people watching on the Cromer seafront whilst eating some chips from Mary Janes.

To top it off head to the end of the pier for a drink and the amazing end-of-the-pier show.

North Norfolk News: The cast of the 2021 Cromer Pier Show.The cast of the 2021 Cromer Pier Show. (Image: William Jarvis)

Who is your north Norfolk hero?

My north Norfolk heroes would be all the wonderful volunteers. Those who love our small part of the world so much, those who voluntarily put on events, look after our heritage sites, provide services for the most vulnerable. They are a hidden army that is often forgotten.

What do you most love about north Norfolk?

I love everything about north Norfolk but mainly the people, when speaking to people all over the country who have visited north Norfolk they always mention how friendly everyone is.

It makes me very proud.

North Norfolk News: Emma Spagnola, from Cromer.Emma Spagnola, from Cromer. (Image: Supplied by Emma Spagnola)

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