The scale of a cliff fall at Mundesley has been captured in stunning drone footage.

The video and pictures show the aftermath of the collapse of part of the cliffs near Seaview Road in the early hours of Thursday, December 9.

Paul Glenn, 52, who lives in the village and together with wife Racheal runs the videography business Labyrinth Mini-Movies, said he was on the beach filming when he heard about the landslide.

Mr Glenn said: "One of the things we do is make cinematic dog movies for their owners on the beach, and that's what we were doing when doing when a couple of other dog owners came over to us and said 'have you seen the landslide'?

"They said it was the biggest one they had seen. Luckily I had my drone with me, so I threw it up, and I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of the cliff that had come down."

Mr Glenn said the soil and sand from the cliff fall on the beach resembled "molten lava" and cut off part of the beach.

He added: "I was in disbelief because I've walked along that beach so many times, and at the top it was so close to the houses."

Pete Revell, HM Coastguard's Bacton station officer, urged people to avoid the area.

Mr Revell said: "All our cliffs are very unstable at the moment, we have had so much rain. Stay away from the tops of the cliffs and say away from the bases."

Antony Lloyd, 31, who rents a flat only yards from the collapse, said: "I was worried a few years ago because of the slide at Trimingham. I was concerned maybe it would happen here. It looks like a massive avalanche. It's concerning for the people living here now."

Lynne Hammond, 61, who also lives nearby, said: "We've been here nine years and nothing really concerning has happened up to now."

Anyone who notices a cliff fall or anything dangerous along the coast can report it to the Coastguard on 999.