Case Study: What happened to this family’s home when it was invaded by bed bugs?

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How a family that discovered pests in their bed were able to recover their home.

Pest control expert, Daniel Neves from Inoculand Pest Control, shares the journey he went on when he received a family’s call for help.

First signs: discovering the bed bug infestation

It all started when the family began noticing small bites appearing on their arms, chest and neck. As they weren’t too serious, and bed bug bites aren’t dangerous – just itchy – they thought little more of it. That was until they began noticing the bites reappearing several times over the next few weeks.

They realised the bites were most noticeable in the morning after they woke up. The parents looked at their bed and spotted tiny drops of blood on the bedsheet and little flakes among the duvet. After researching online, they discovered these were common signs of bed bugs.

A growing problem: realising the bed bugs had spread

As their children were also showing signs of being bitten, the parents decided it was best to inspect their beds. They checked behind headboards and creases of the bedsheets, where they spotted several adult bed bugs and their eggs.

On further examination, the family also found bed bugs hiding in the creases of their sofa and armchair cushions. This was when they realised they needed help.

Inoculand Pest Control used heat treatment to get rid of bedbugs from these children's bedrooms.

Heat treatment takes less than a day, meaning your family can get back to their normal routine as soon as possible. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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A cry for help: seeking expert pest control advice

They looked online for some home remedies, including washing all linens and vacuuming the affected areas. However, they read that bed bugs can develop a tolerance for treatments and that even if one bed bug is missed, then the infestation will return.

This was why they sought professional help. We arranged a visit to their home, inspected the house to identify the affected areas and recommended heat treatment to help them get rid of the bed bugs completely.

Fighting back: how heat treatment solved their pest problem

We recommended heat treatment as it’s the most effective at removing bed bugs. As the family had children and a dog, we knew this would be a safe, organic and eco-friendly alternative to chemical treatment.

The treatment took an afternoon to complete. This was great news for the family, as the dad was working from home and couldn’t afford to miss work. We arrived and set up the propane heaters quickly - there was no need for the family to prepare anything.

Heat treatment for bed bugs carried out by Inoculand Pest Control Services

Heat treatment can be used on mattresses, floorboards, possessions and clothes. - Credit: Inoculand Pest Control

We used the heaters in the bedroom, living room and hallway. They didn’t even need to leave the house, and instead stayed in the kitchen and dining room, which we weren’t treating. They returned to the other rooms four hours later.

By this time, the treatment had reached all nooks and crannies of the rooms, killing off the adult bed bugs and their eggs, to ensure they would not come back. Heat treatment is useful, as it can be used on mattresses, clothing, furniture, floorboards, rugs and possessions.

It helped the family save money as they didn’t need to pay for dry cleaning, new linens or repairs. It also meant they could return to normal the very next day.

Saying farewell for good: tips to prevent reinfestation

We returned to their home two weeks later for a follow-up treatment. This was to ensure that every bed bug was gone.

Before we said our goodbyes, I shared some tips with them to ensure that bed bugs would not become a problem for them again in the future. I recommended hot washing all luggage and clothing after a holiday and frequently hoover under and behind their furniture. I also advised calling us straight away for any other pest problems they may encounter.

This is what I always say to home and business owners so they don’t lose out on sleep, time, or money. We are here to help and ensure your property is a pest-free zone from cockroaches, moths, rodents or other types of pest that may enter it.

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