Have you tried these beautiful natural perfumes made in Norfolk yet?

Norfolk Natural Living's Coastal Walks fragrance

Norfolk Natural Living's Coastal Walks fragrance - Credit: Contributed

Fragrance is one of the most evocative of human experiences. 

Think how certain smells conjure the most hidden memories. You’ll be in a kitchen, and a waft of cooking will remind you of something your granny might have made when you were a tot. 

You could pass someone on the street, their aftershave or perfume reminding you of a friend, maybe an old lover. 

This evocation, and the power of scent, is what drove aromatherapist Bella Middleton to launch Norfolk Natural Living – which now has two stores (Utility and the Perfumery) in Holt. 

Bella Middleton, founder of Norfolk Natural Living

Bella Middleton, founder of Norfolk Natural Living - Credit: Contributed

Already operating a successful men’s skincare brand with her husband, when she had her first child, Bella became more acutely aware of everything she was putting on her family’s skin...and using in their home. 

“My son would eat more food off the table than a plate,” Bella says, “and I thought, ‘what am I cleaning that with and is it safe?’.” 

Bella began to conjure a range of products under the Norfolk Natural Living brand, with cornerstones of the company ethos being eco-friendliness, skin-friendliness, and mood enhancement because, as she says, “why shouldn’t you get a little boost from essential oils while you’re scrubbing the loo or doing the dishes?”. 

Soaps, lotions and potions made by Norfolk Natural Living

Soaps, lotions and potions made by Norfolk Natural Living - Credit: Conributed

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“Everything is made in-house, from the products to their packaging, and always at the core is wellbeing. How what we make can bring benefits to our customers every day. I like the fact we create things that look beautiful, and give pleasure visually, but also have a function. There’s joy on lots of different levels.” 

Branching out into perfumes, home fragrance and skincare was a natural extension of the business, with the Perfumery laden with dozens of beautiful, inspirational, Norfolk-made gifts, ready for giving this Christmas. 

Made with no nasties, every product is natural and “they’re blends I’ve created and used for years,” says Bella. 

Household cleaning products made with essential oils, by Norfolk Natural Living

Household cleaning products made with essential oils, by Norfolk Natural Living - Credit: Contributed

The range includes eau de parfum, essential oil blends, gem stone diffusers, candles, pulse oils, soaps, roll on perfumes and straight essential oils. 

“They’re good to have in the home,” says Bella. “You can use them for so many things and actually we sell an essential oil kind of ‘first aid kit’. It includes recipes I use all the time for helping common ailments. So, for example, using geranium oil for cold sores. There are nine oils included. They’re completely natural and will last for ages,” she adds, saying that individual oils often come with recipe advice too. 

“I always found it hard before, with an essential oil, to know what to use them for. There was a lot of research involved because the bottles don’t instantly tell you what to do.  

“I like the idea of being able to pass on my knowledge – to blend in a bit of education – that's part and parcel of what we do.” 

Bella’s top three Norfolk Natural Living fragrances 

Coastal Walks. It's such a favourite for a lot of our customers. It’s a musky scent but also really fresh, with thyme, bergamot, lemon, ylang ylang, jasmine and pine needle. 

I would go for 91 Days of Spring which is so light and fresh, with notes of lemon, orange blossom, neroli, petitgrain, jasmine, patchouli and frankincense. 

Something that’s completely different is Mid Winter 21. It’s quite tonka bean and vanilla heavy but also quite dark, with orange blossom, amber and cedarwood. 

Find out more at norfolknaturalliving.com