When Holt couple Paul and Emma Golding got married two years ago, they came up with the idea of sending message in a bottle-style invitations, and posted seashell-filled soft drink containers to dozens of family and friends.

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But little did they expect that, just a few months short of their second anniversary, they would find the real thing washed up on the shore while out walking their dog on Weybourne beach.

Taking their terrier Roxy out for a stroll a few days ago, they spotted a plastic bottle set adrift by an eight-year-old youngster from the Netherlands.

“We just turned round and it was sitting there at the bottom of the cliff,” Mr Golding explained. “We couldn’t believe it as finding a message in a bottle is something you see on television or read about in books.”

Inside the plastic drink container was a laminated sheet of paper emblazoned with the words “Message in a Bottle” and listing facts about the hometown of Dutch schoolboy Maarten van Duijn.

The youngster, who lives at the seaside resort of Katwijk on the south western coast of the Netherlands, added his contact details, as well as photographs of himself and his father – a seal rescue worker – and information on local attractions, which include a flower parade and annual sea rescue demonstration.

“He had obviously gone to a lot of trouble and I think he will be really excited to know that someone has found his bottle,” Mrs Golding said.

The couple, both of whom work at Bakers and Larners of Holt, are planning to send an email, as well as postcards and photographs.

“We have taken pictures of Weybourne beach and of the place where Maarten’s bottle was found, so we will send those to him,” Mrs Golding said.





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