Satisfied customer Margaret Massicks wants to redress the balance and sing the praises of her home carers.

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Mrs Massicks, 86, has been getting morning help from Norfolk First Support for the past few weeks following a recurrence of a condition which can leave her very unsteady on her feet.

She has been delighted with the reliability, professionalism and friendliness of all the staff who have visited her home, off The Loke, in Cromer, and believes they deserve a pat on the back.

Mrs Massicks said there were many radio and newspaper reports nationally about home carers turning up late, or not at all, not having time to talk, getting people out of bed mid-morning and putting them back there in the afternoon.

“That’s not my experience at all,” she said. “I speak as I find and I’m going to stick up for them. I can’t praise them highly enough. If they say they’re coming, they come on time. They are full of good suggestions and advice to help me and they came out, punctually, through all that icy weather.”

Home support worker Joan Felgate, one of those who have been helping Mrs Massicks, said the Norfolk County Council-run service aimed to help people, following illness or a spell in hospital, to look after themselves again and live independently in their homes.

The emphasis was on showing them ways of coping and giving them the confidence to try things for themselves.

Carers helped with everything from personal care to medicines, food and drink “and we find time for a natter,” said Mrs Felgate. “Sometimes we’re the only person someone sees all day.”

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  • Mrs Massicks is right to be pleased with the service she receives. She looks in pretty good shape for her age. I think it's the rather more frail and disabled people who come off worse. I know many old people who have been put to bed by careworkers at 4pm with a plate of sandwiches and that's it until someone comes to get them up again, which can be as late as 10 am.

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    Thursday, March 1, 2012




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